• Directorate for Agriculture and Industry
      Directorate for Agriculture, Industry and Tourism (AIT) is the multi-sectoral section in the ECO Secretariat responsible for initiation, implementation and monitoring of ECO activities in three important sectors of agriculture, tourism and industry. This makes the role of the directorate interlinked with some of other directorates in ECO Secretariat. The ECO Vision 2025 has also elaborated mandates for the AIT Directorate in implementation of the measures under priority 4 (Tourism) and 5 (Economic Growth and Productivity).

      Treaty of Izmir has identified effective utilization of the agricultural potential of the Region as an area for regional cooperation. The multi-faceted nature of agriculture (in terms of its impacts on food security, health, employment, rural development, natural disasters, environment, natural resources, economic growth and productivity, ….) makes its importance for ECO Region and countries, as is the case for other countries and regions in the world. One of the main frameworks within ECO is the FAO-sponsored “ECO Regional Programme for Food Security (RPFS)” which consists of 9 components.
      Industry sector is of high importance for the economies of ECO Member States. ECO Member States have common interests and problems in different areas of industry in the region. Increasing productivity and enhancing the capacity in relevant institutions, developing economic infrastructures, and promoting industrial trade are amongst the issues dealt with by ECO Member States within their industrial sectors. They have decided to cooperate regionally in the ECO context to address these issues and other issues of common interest, including industrial standards and quality control, SMEs development, promotion of the role of private sector and privatization, technology transfer, industrial property rights, nanotechnology, etc.

      Tourism is among the sectors gained due attention by the ECO Member States as an important source of national income, as well as a major contributor to the strengthening of the economic growth of the countries including through enhanced service sector, and to the strengthened cultural affinity and awareness among the nations of the Region. ECO Vision 2015 has identified tourism as the 4th priority of the Organization. The AIT Directorate has initiated partnership with the relevant international partners, including UN world Tourism Organization and UNIDO to ensure timely and effective achievements of the goals and objectives envisaged in the Vision.

      Director and Staff

      Mr. Memduh Unal (Turkish national)
      Director for Agriculture and Industry
      Tel: + 98 (21)-22831733-34
      Email: unal@eco.int

      Ms. Aysegul Yorulmazlar (Turkish National)
      Programme Officer
      Tel: + 98 (21)-22831733-34
      Email: yorulmazlar@eco.int

      Mr. Mohammad Akbar Azizi​ (Afghan Nation)
      Programme Officer
      Tel: + 98 (21)-22831733-34
      Email: azizi@eco.int

      Mr. Zeshan Altaf Khan (Pakistani national)
      Tel: + 98 (21)-22831733-34
      Email: altafkhan@eco.int
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