• ECO Region Features
      Territory: 8 million square km
      Population: 457,534,000
      GDP: 1,968,910 (million USD)
    • Useful links

      Islamic Republic of Iran

      Ministry of Foreign Affairs: www.mfa.gov.ir
      Ministry of Industry & Mines: www.mim.gov.ir
      Ministry of Energy: www.moe.or.ir
      Ministry of Commerce & Iran Trade Point Network: www.irtp.com
      Ministry of Petroleum: www.mop.ir
      Ministry of Jihad-i-Agriculture: www.maj.ir
      Iranian Information Center of Industries & Mines: www.mim.gov.ir
      Iran Small Industries & Industrial Parks Organization (ISIPO): www.iraniec.com
      Industrial Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO): www.idro.org
      Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI): www.isiri.org
      National Iranian Oil Company: www.noic.com
      Customs of Iran: www.irica.org
      Department of High Tech Industries / Information Network for Electronic Industries: www.ecs.org.ir
      National Iranian Cooper Industries Company: www.nicico.com
      Iranian Aluminum Company: www.iralco.net
      Iranian Khodro Industrial Group: www.irkhodro.com
      Iran Industrial Estate Corporation: www.iraniec.com
      Iran SME Organization: www.sme.ir
      Industrial & Engineering Inspection of Iran: www.iei-co.com

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