• 2nd Expert Group Meeting (EGM) on E-Trade Cooperation

      Venue: Pakistan
      Date: 2018

      The technologies and methodologies for a collaborative e-commerce platform that allow the exchange of electronic messages between commercial and logistics operators as well as providing for the interchange of certain communications with Customs and other government authorities are well proven at national levels.

      ECO Expert Group Meetings (EGMs) on E-Trade Cooperation is one of the activities of ECO on trade facilitation to develop the regional trade. The 1st Expert Group Meeting (EGM) on E-Trade Cooperation was hosted by Islamic Republic of Iran in 2012. The objectives of the EGM are:
      • To facilitate trade by providing the Economic Operators with a single point of communication instead of dealing separately with various government authorities at multiple locations.
      • To increase the governmental efficiency by saving the time of all involved parties.
      • To reduce cost of doing business
      • To improve the transparency of processes and ensure equal treatment across Economic Operators, as the execution of each process is logged, and can be monitored against thresholds.
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