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      ICRC delegation visited the ECO Secretariat

      A delegation from International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) visited the ECO Secretariat in Tehran on 1 November 2017 and met with ECO Deputy Secretary General Mr. Seyed Jalaledin Alavi Sabzevari and relevant officials of the Secretariat.

      At the beginning, ECO Deputy Secretary General welcomed the ICRC delegation (composed of Ms. Florence Gillette, the Head of ICRC Mission in Iran and Mr. Nicholas Hawton, Diplomatic Advisor to ICRC in Geneva) and thanked ICRC for interest shown in the ECO.

      Ms. Gillette briefed the ECO official about ICRC ’s global initiatives and activities, including in the ECO Member States, covering disaster preparedness and response as well as activities in health and education areas. She also referred to some examples where ICRC has played pivotal role in humanitarian support and law making.

      The ECO Deputy Secretary General briefed the guests about ECO’s history, goals and objectives, mandates, and potential capacities as well as the future prospects for regional cooperation as envisaged in “ECO Vision 2025” and other instruments. He particularly referred to regional cooperation on disaster risk management and reduction and highlighted the comprehensiveness of the recently finalized “ECO Regional Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (ECO-RFDRR) which addresses preparedness, response and recovery aspects of disasters.
      Mr. Mahmudul Islam, ECO DRR International Consultant, also briefed on the different components of the ECO Regional Framework for DRR, including its flagship programmes to be implemented through partnerships with relevant organizations from within and outside the region.

      Deputy Secretary General also recalled some ECO partnerships with international organizations from within and outside the UN system and emphasized that such partnerships are made where contributions to the national efforts by Member States can be envisaged.

      Two sides agreed to continue further discussions with a view to elaborating ways and means to assist implementation of the ECO Regional Framework for DRR.
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