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    • AMF Acting Secretary General Visited ECO Secretariat
      AMF Acting Secretary General Visited ECO Secretariat
      A delegation from “Asian Mayors Forum” (AMF) visited the ECO Secretariat in Tehran on 23 January 2018 and met with ECO Secretary General H.E. Mr. Halil Ibrahim Akca. The delegation was headed by the AMF Acting Secretary General Mr. Goshtasb Mozafari.

      After welcoming remarks by ECO Secretary General, Mr. Mozafari briefed about AMF and its activities. He also explained about current situation in cities worldwide including the urban development. He raised the possibility of cooperation among ECO cities on major areas such as waste management; traffic management; public transportation, etc. where ECO has an important role to play.

      H.E. Mr. Akca briefed the guests about ECO’s history, goals and objectives, mandates and potential capacities as well as its future prospects for regional cooperation. While acknowledging the need for cooperation and interaction among cities in the Region, ECO Secretary General particularly referred to priority areas for regional cooperation among ECO Member States and highlighted the relevant ECO platforms for possible cooperation between ECO and AMF.

      Two sides agreed to continue further discussions with a view to elaborating ways and means for possible cooperation.

      “Asian Mayors Forum” is a Tehran-based organization with the aim of facilitating cooperation among Asian municipalities. AMF includes 35 Member Cities from the ECO Region.

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