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    • 231st CPR

      Tuesday 2018 June19

      231st CPR

      From date 19/06/2018 From time 09:00:00 till 19/06/2018
      231st Meeting of the
      Council of Permanent Representatives (CPR)

      Draft Agenda

      1. Adoption of the Draft Agenda of the 231st CPR Meeting
      2. Adoption of the Draft Report of the 230th CPR Meeting
      3. Follow-up to the decisions of the 23rd Council of Ministers (COM) Meeting; New Scales of Assessment, ECO Reforms etc. (continued)
      4. Consideration of the Draft Modality of ECO Fund for Afghanistan (continued)
      5. Administrative matters:
        1. Nomination for the post of Programme Officer of Projects, Economic Research and Statistics (continued)
        2. Appoinment of the new Deputy Secretary General (continued)
        3. Composition of the Selection Panel
        4. Recommendations of the Selection Panel
      6. Any other business
      7. Date of the next CPR Meeting
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