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      Enhancing the energy security and sustainability through wider energy access and trade within the ECO Region and beyond is among the top priorities within ECO. Energy demand is growing in pace with the socio-economic development of ECO Member States, requiring adequate, efficient and equitable provision of energy services. In this connection it is imperative to develop and consolidate common efforts to ensure regional energy sustainability and resilience, in line with ECO Decade for Enhanced Energy Cooperation (2013-2022), projected ECO Plan of Action for Energy/Petroleum Cooperation (2016-2020), Global Sustainable Development Goals, and in coherence with other energy related activities and projections envisaged in the ECO Vision 2025. Accordingly, energy trade, including regional electricity trade; uplifting the renewable energy share in the ECO Region energy profile; enhancing the energy interconnectivity and ensuring affordable access to all sources of energy are among the targets pursued by ECO.

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