• Judicial & Parliamentary Coordination and ECO Advocacy Programme for Afghanistan Section
      The growing problem of the drugs production and trafficking as well as transnational organized crimes within the ECO Region have convinced the ECO Member States to develop institutional capacities and coordination mechanisms at the regional level. The menace of drug and its associated crimes are among the main impediments to the economic development of the affected countries. This makes anti-narcotics policies and measures even more complex. Any attempt to tackle this threat shall address the cultivation, production, manufacturing and trafficking dimensions.

      ECO Region, with a population of about 475 million and eight million square kilometres in area, is one of the most drug-affected regions in the world. This region is home to major trafficking routes in the world. More than 95% of the global opium seizure as well as 66% of the global heroin seizures take place in the ECO Region.

      The Drug and Organized Crime Coordination Unit (DOCCU) is the ECO specialized unit in charge of coordinating the collective regional efforts to fight against drugs and crime in the Region. To fulfil its mandates given by Ministers and authorities of the Member States, ECO-DOCCU renders services to ECO Member States by addressing legal, administrative, technical, judicial, operational, training, awareness-raising, information/intelligence exchange and policy aspects of regional frameworks for cooperation. Given its limited human, technical and financial capacities, ECO-DOCCU has developed, or initiated, partnership frameworks, joint projects and networks with partners and stakeholders from within and outside the Region, including EU, UNODC, IOM, ICMPD, Interpol, etc.

      DOCCU is also coordinating regional efforts to establish institutional arrangements such as ECO Police (ECOPOL), Regional Center for Cooperation on Anti-corruption and Ombudsmen, secured networking among drugs liaison officers, etc.

      Head of Section and staff

      - (Afghan national)
      Head of Section of Judicial & Parliamentary Coordination and ECO Advocacy Programme for Afghanistan
      Tel: (+9821)22831733-34

      Mr. Yaser Ebrahimi (Iranian national)
      Tel: (+9821)22831733-34
      Email: ebrahimi@eco.int

      Chaudhry Hadees Muhammad (Pakistani national)
      Tel: + 98 (21)-22831733-34
      Email: hadeeschaudhry@eco.int

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