• Legal Affairs
      The Legal Advisor provides legal service for the ECO Secretary General and the officials of the Secretariat and the Organization as a whole. He also prepares legal opinions and advice on the interpretation of the ECO basic documents and contributes to the drafting of agreements, rules and regulations of the Organization. He participates in drafting of the basic documents and rules of procedure of ECO subsidiary and affiliated bodies.

      The Legal Advisor participates in all meetings of the decision making bodies of the ECO where he may be requested for legal opinion on challenging issues. Besides, he is member of standing and ad-hoc committees in the ECO (intergovernmental or within the Secretariat).

      The Legal Advisor assists the Secretary General in his capacity as depository of ECO agreements. He also advises on questions relating to the credentials of the representatives attending the ECO meetings.

      Legal Advisor

      Mr. Mahmoud Khoubkar (Iranian national)
      ECO Legal Adviser
      Tel: (+9821)22831733-34
      Email: khoubkar@eco.int
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