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      Interpol Secretary General visited ECO Secretariat
      The Secretary General of Interpol H.E. Mr. Jurgen Stock visited ECO Secretariat in Tehran on 10 July 2017 and met with ECO Secretary General H.E Mr. Halil Ibrahim Akca. At the Meeting, both officials briefed each other on the scope of activities of ECO and Interpol, especially on the areas of similar mandates.

      Interpol Secretary General referred to the ongoing initiative by Interpol on new global security architecture which entails dialogue among regional police and law enforcement organizations from around the world. He particularly referred to the participation by the ECO Secretariat in the last two dialogues in Singapore (2016) and Lyon (2017) where the ongoing ECO initiative to establish ECO Police (ECOPOL) received support from Interpol and regional police organizations. He reiterated Interpol support for ECOPOL establishment.

      ECO Secretary General elaborated on the activities within ECO in terms of enhancing regional security for economic development of the countries and the Region as a whole. He also informed about the interest within ECO for capacity building and training programmes.

      Both sides further discussed possible ways and means for bilateral cooperation and agreed to work together, including for the capacity building of the law enforcement agencies of the shared Membership.
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