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    • Deputy Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan visited ECO Secretariat
      Deputy Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan visited ECO Secretariat
      On 18 June 2018, Mr. Kamran Aliyev the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan who was accompanied by H.E. Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Tehran met the ECO Secretary General H.E. Halil Ibrahim Akca at the headquarters of ECO in Tehran.

      At the beginning of the meeting the Secretary General of ECO while appreciating the contributions of Azerbaijan for achieving the goals of the Organization brought to the notice of the delegation the recent developments in different fields of ECO activities especially those centered on meeting ECO core objectives. He further mentioned that the Organization has also provided a forum for discussion among the Member States on important issues such as cooperation in the field of anti-corruption which has resulted in conclusion of the Statute of ECO Regional Center for Cooperation of Anti-Corruption Agencies and Ombudsmen (RCCACO) in November 2012. He, while stating that at present four out of ten ECO Member States have signed the Statute, that is Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and Tajikistan, expressed the hope that other ECO Member States take the required measures for joining the Statute of RCCACO.

      Mr. Aliyev, on his part, shared with the ECO Secretary General the experiences and successes of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the field of anti-corruption. He further attached importance to the regional cooperation for strengthening measures aimed at preventing and combating corruption. In this context he made a reference to the Statute of RCCACO which has been concluded within the framework of ECO among the ECO Member States. He also pointed out that the Republic of Azerbaijan intends to join the Statute of RCCACO.

      Both sides also agreed that stronger cooperation among the ECO Member States is required for building a more prosperous region.
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