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      Virtual Meeting on Trade Facilitation activities
      A Virtual Meeting on Trade Facilitation activities was organized by ECO-CCI on July 03, 2020. The meeting was attended by the Representatives of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, the Republic of Uzbekistan, Turkey and ECO.
      The Deputy Secretary General, ECO, Dr. Sayed Yahya Akhlaqi, briefed the meeting regarding different proposals received from Contracting Parties to ECOTA for implementing the agreement. He apprised the participants that a specialist has been hired to identify obstacles in the way of its implementation. He informed that a communication regarding holding of virtual meeting on ECOTA had been circulated amongst the Contracting Parties. The Secretariat will host this meeting virtually enabling to find out solutions based on the final report of the specialist.
      The Representative of Islamic Republic of Pakistan raised the issue that seven ECO Member States are land lock countries and close cooperation amongst them is the need of the hour. Visa facilitation especially visa on arrival for businessmen should be considered for enhancing intra-trade amongst ECO region. He stressed that the ECO-TDB could offer better facilitation for enhancing trade and ECOTA should be implemented for boosting trade in the region.
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