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    • ECO Secretary General holds telephonic conversation with the newly appointed Foreign Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan
      ECO Secretary General holds telephonic conversation with the newly appointed Foreign Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan
      On 21 July 2020, the ECO Secretary General, Dr. Hadi Soleimanpour had a telephonic conversation with the honourable Foreign Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan, H.E. Mr. Jeyhun Bayramov. Conveying felicitations to the newly appointed Foreign Minister, the Secretary General wished H.E. Jeyhun Bayramov every success in his new responsibilities.

      The Secretary General expressed gratitude to the Foreign Minister for providing opportunity to share the initiatives, goals and challenges faced by the organization, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19, as well as negative repercussions of the pandemic all over the world, including the ECO Region. Stipulating the outstanding role of the Republic of Azerbaijan as a prominent member of the organization in promoting the activities of ECO, the Secretary General while conveying the Foreign Minister, in detail, the latest activities of the organization on regional economic cooperation, commended the country’s continued support and guidance in realization of organization's goals and objectives for regional development, particularly in the areas of priority such as trade, transport transit, energy, agriculture envisaged in the ECO Vision 2025.

      Emphasizing on the significant role of Economic Cooperation Organization as a regional platform for promoting economic cooperation, Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov reassured Azerbaijan’s relentless support to the ECO in a bid to secure mutually beneficial targets for sustainable development and growth in the region. He further expressed his keenness to hold tête-à-tête for exploring maximum ways of expanded regional cooperation.

      Referring the condolence letter by the Secretary General addressed to His Excellency President Ilham Aliyev, concerning the tensed environment on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia as well as martyrdom of two high level military officials, the Secretary General emphasized on the territorial integrity, national sovereignty and the inviolability of internationally recognized border of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

      The Foreign Minister briefed the Secretary General on the military provocation and attempt of new aggression by the Armenian armed forces along the international border of the two countries, as well as the current situation in the region. He also acknowledged the sympathies and condolences offered by the Secretary General, extending his deep appreciation for the goodwill gesture.

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