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    • ECO Secretary General Participates in the Baku International Energy Charter Forum
      ECO Secretary General Participates in the Baku International Energy Charter Forum
      On the invitation of International Energy Charter, a delegation of the Economic Cooperation Organization headed by honourable ECO Secretary General H.E. Dr. Hadi Soleimanpour, participated in the Baku International Energy Charter Forum held virtually on October 28, 2020 under the theme of “Transition to renewables in power generation, transport, heating and cooling: modern challenges and trends”.
      Initially while delivering his statement in the high-level ministerial session, Dr. Soleimanpour expressed his deep concerns over the recent attacks on the strategic energy and transport infrastructure of Azerbaijan, worrying that such an offensive tendency could be detrimental to overall regional energy security. The ECO Secretary General also condoled the Government and the People of Azerbaijan for the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in recent episodes of the conflict. He emphasized on the importance of peace and stability in the region in order to achieve the envisioned regional development goals, supporting the peaceful settlement of the dispute based on the international principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of recognized borders.
      Coming to the event’s theme, the ECO Secretary General underlined the ECO’s efforts to pave the way for diverse and resilient regional energy architecture, mainstreaming the sustainable energy transition in the organization’s overall energy agenda and transformation to clean energy sources. He underscored the ECO’s commitment to “Affordable and Clean Energy” under the Sustainable Development Goal-7, adding that transformation to renewable modes as well as cleaner and sustainable energy sources, portrays one of the expected outcomes perceived in the ECO Vision 2025. Relevantly, Dr. Soleimanpour mentioned the organization’s current process for the establishment of ECO Clean Energy Center and ECO Regional Electricity Market as explicit examples of ECO’s efforts in this regard.
      Referring to the Member States’ shared interest for advancing in the clean energy resources, the ECO Secretary General invited international partners seeking their cooperation to enrich the ECO’s recent initiative for the formation of new Energy Strategy which is aimed at providing a comprehensive direction for transformation of energy mix to reliable, sustainable, resilient and reformed energy market amid new dynamics on the global energy scene covering mid and long term perspectives.
      The event’s participants discussed on clean energy transition and sustainable energy in two main sessions, sharing their best practices and acquired knowledge on integration of renewable energy sources and promotion of energy efficiency measures.
      Over 180 participants, including high-level government officials and leading experts from 40 countries, international and regional organizations, energy companies, academia as well as media participated in the forum, which was jointly organized by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the International Energy Charter Secretariat.

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