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      New ECO Secretary General arrives at Tehran
      H.E. Mr. Khusrav Noziri arrived at Tehran on August 16, 2021 to assume his responsibilities as new Secretary General of the Economic Cooperation Organization. On his arrival, he was received by Senior Adviser of the Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to ECO Mr. Behzad Azarsa and ECO Secretariat officials, Deputies Secretary General, Ambassadors Huseyin Avni Bicakli and Jandos Asanov.

      During his introductory meeting with the ECO Staff, the new Secretary General emphasized on the importance of concerted efforts and teamwork to maintain efficiency of the organization. He expressed his receptivity and readiness towards any suggestions by relevant staff for supporting the working of the Secretariat while assuring his best to be delivered for securing maximum objectives of the organization.

      Recalling the committed and excellent contribution of his predecessor H.E. Dr. Hadi Soleimanpour to make the ECO more productive and result-based regional economic forum, the new Secretary General further acknowledged the dedicated services and role of all the distinguished ECO Deputies Secretary General and their teams to shoulder the functioning of the Secretariat in the pursuit of ECO’s envisaged aims and objectives.

      H.E. Mr. Khusrav Noziri desired a cordial and mutually facilitative working environment in the Secretariat to ensure smooth accomplishment of the Organization’s envisioned goals and targets.

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