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      ECO Secretary General Meets UNFPA’s Representative
      On May 26, 2022, the ECO Secretary General H.E. Mr. Khusrav Noziri had a bilateral interaction with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)’s Representative in Iran, Mr. Sathya Doraiswamy who visited the ECO Secretariat to explore the possibility of ECO-UNFPA cooperation in the areas of mutual interest.

      The visiting dignitary, while summarizing the UNFPA’s targets for sustainable development and human resources, especially on health, social welfare and immigration issues, expressed his keenness to develop an ECO-UNFPA partnership.

      The ECO Secretary General noted the significance of the role and contribution of UNFPA for assisting various regions in their efforts to secure sustainable development in their societies. Briefing the UNFPA’s Representative about ECO’s structure, aims and objectives, the Secretary General underlined the diversity of cooperation in ECO, particularly in the areas of trade and connectivity, human resource and sustainable development as well as energy sector. He reciprocated, with thanks, the offer to establish ECO-UNFPA’s working relationship that, he believed, would serve the ECO’s project-oriented approach, mainly to support small and medium-size development in the region.

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