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      Secretary General Meets Minister of Culture of Azerbaijan
      On June 20, 2022, the ECO Secretary General, H.E. Mr. Khusrav Noziri, and the President of ECO Cultural Institute, Mr. Murodjon Buriboev, met the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, H.E. Mr. Anar Karimov, at the ECI headquarters in Tehran.

      During the meeting, the ECO Secretary General briefed the visiting Minister about the ECI’s activities. He stated that ECI has always been dynamic in strengthening cultural relations and has fulfilled its mandate to meet the aspiration of the Organization. Ambassador Noziri further added that in order to realize the goals and objectives, ECI has hosted a series of literary and cultural functions as well as organizing exhibitions of folk, traditional and modern arts, major sports events, publishing materials in English and other major languages of the region on the common cultural heritage. ECI recently hosted an event on the occasion of 30th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Secretary General added.

      In his remarks, the ECO Secretary General indicated that organizations of cultural events, exhibitions and musical programs by the respective ECO Member States, would further enlighten the people of the region about each other’s norms, traditions and values. Ambassador Noziri further noted that since culture is one of the key factors of regional convergence, ECI can play an effective and constructive role in creating regional convergence as the region is one of the world’s richest in terms of cultural and historical heritage.

      The Minister of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, while commending and acknowledging the role of the Institute in bringing people of the region closer, highlighted that ECO Cultural Institute is a value addition to the Economic Cooperation Organization. He further assured that the Republic of Azerbaijan would consider joining ECO Cultural Institute. In this regard, he added that Azerbaijani side would start working with the Institute to obtain necessary information through diplomatic channels.

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