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      SG ECO Receives SG D-8
      On 27 June 2022, H.E. Amb. Khusrav NOZIRI, Secretary General of Economic Cooperation Organisation received H.E. Amb. Isiaka Abdulqadir Imam, Secretary General of D-8 Organisation of Economic Cooperation at ECO Secretariat, Tehran.

      The visiting dignitary was briefed about the evolution, expansion, composition, structure, and functioning of the Economic Cooperation Organisation. Specialized and Regional bodies of the ECO and Project-oriented and Result-based nature of the work the ECO also came under limelight. Furthermore, it was conveyed that the Organisation was aiming at maximizing its sphere of international relations, enhancing its visibility across the region and the world, and intensifying the level of cooperation with its regional and global partners. At present, ECO is pursuing ‘Open Door Policy’ vis-à-vis states and regional and international organizations; it is open for membership in multiple categories.

      In connection to the Memorandum of Understanding between ECO and D-8 signed in 2011, it was agreed to implement the MoU and enhance level of cooperation in mutual areas of interests.

      While discussing the commonalities between the two organizations, Amb. Isiaka Abdulqadir Imam highlighted that the socio-economic landscape had witnessed massive transformations; therefore, D-8 was striving to broaden scope of areas of cooperation into the fields of Health, Education and Information and Communication Technology (ICT), among its member states.

      As the 265th Council of Permanent Representatives meeting was taking place at the ECO Secretariat, the Secretary General of the D-8 was welcomed as the Special Guest. He briefed the participants about the D-8, its member states, its vision, and its future strategies to materialise that vision.

      The dignitary was hopeful to maintain cooperative relations between the ECO and the D-8, and to learn more about the prevailing best practices of the Economic Cooperation Organisation.

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