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    • ECO Secretary General participates in the ECOCCI meeting - new approach of the ECOCCI 2022-2025
      ECO Secretary General participates in the ECOCCI meeting - new approach of the ECOCCI 2022-2025
      A delegation of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), headed by H.E. Amb. Khusrav Noziri, Secretary General of the (ECO) participated in the virtual Meeting of Presidents of the Member Chambers of ECO CCI under the theme "New Approach of the ECO CCI - 2025", on October 3, 2022. While thanking the President ECO CCI for invitation and welcoming the delegates, the ECO Secretary General, congratulated Dr. Sama Farkhondeh Nezhad for assuming the office of the Secretary General, ECO CCI. He expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Adam Khula for his valuable contribution to the organization in his tenure as Secretary General ECO CCI.

      The virtual event was also attended by the Presidents of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Republic of Türkiye, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Tajikistan, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Kazakhstan Turkmenistan, and Republic of Uzbekistan.

      In his statement, H.E. Amb. Khusrav Noziri highlighted the significance of the role of private sector as an engine of growth and assured continued support and cooperation of the ECO Secretariat to the private sector in all initiatives for economic integration and sustainable growth of the region. He stated that the business communities of the Member States have an important forum to voice themselves through – ECO CCI. Whilst, dilating on trade facilitation in the region he made special mention of the follow up on the initiative of visa facilitation to the business community through Visa Stickers, upcoming Meetings like 9th ECOTA Cooperation Council Meeting to be hosted by Islamic republic of Pakistan in last quarter of 2022 and 6th Ministerial Meeting on Finance/Economy to be hosted by Republic of Azerbaijan on 24-25 October, 2022. He invited the contribution of the National Chambers of the ECO Member States to pursue Operationalization of ECOTA, ECO Reinsurance Company and implementation of Regional Payment System. He appreciated the Operationalization of the Agreement on Protection and Promotion of Investment (APPI) after ratification by four parties and urged the business community to pursue signing and ratification of the agreement by the remaining Member Sates.

      He underscored the indispensible role of the private sectors through National Chambers to meet targets set in the ECO Vision 2025 and remove the impediments in regional trade integration, in trade liberalization to reduce customs tariffs and eliminate Non Tariff Barriers (NTBs) and implementation of trade facilitation measures in customs procedures, trade related payment systems etc. and proposed that the ECO-CCI may consider setting up a regional task force to coordinate with private sectors and business communities across the ECO region and identify.
      The ECO CCI aims to facilitate trade and economic cooperation and promote closer commercial relations among the business communities of the Member States.

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