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    • ECO Secretary General delivered a statement at Sharm el-Sheikh Climate Change Conference
      ECO Secretary General delivered a statement at Sharm el-Sheikh Climate Change Conference
      On November 16, 2022, the Secretary General of the Economic Cooperation Organization, Amb. Khusrav Noziri delivered a statement in the high-level segment of the 27th Session of Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 27).

      The Secretary General in his statement underlined that the increasing number of extreme weather events like recent examples of floods, droughts and sand and dust storms in the ECO region which regrettably affect the poorest the hardest, making the impact of climate change increasingly apparent and felt by countries and communities in the region.

      Ambassador Khusrav Noziri referring to the capacity constraints of the developing countries and their urgent need to access adequate means of implementation such as climate finance, capacity building and technology transfer and development, highlighted the necessity of multilateral cooperation enhancement and delivery of the promised climate finance as a requisite for transformative action on climate change adaptation and mitigation. While reiterating commitment of the ECO region to Paris Agreement, he clarified that the activities in the region are to a great extent tied to proportionate means of implementation.

      In this context, the ECO Secretary General in his statement articulated “what we need is not only a green, but also a just transition that leaves nobody behind. We need to keep in mind that if the green transition doesn't work for all, in the end it will work for none.”
      Mr. Noziri also emphasized the potential role which can be given to the regional organizations in this respect. Drawing the attention of the participants to the Paris Agreement great emphasis on climate-related technology transfer, public awareness and capacity-building for developing countries, he elucidated that regional and sub-regional organizations like ECO, if empowered, would be able to act as a hub for coordination and enhancement of support in these areas and ensuring that the provided support would be tailored to the specific circumstances of regions.

      In his concluding remarks, the ECO Secretary General while inviting the global development community to strengthen project preparation activities to increase the pipeline of investable projects in the ECO region, expressed the Organization is prepared for facilitating cooperation among the member states, and with other national governments, regional and international organizations to enhance the global climate agenda and resilience in the region.

      The heads of state and government and other high ranking officials of more than 190 member states, observers, representatives of international organizations and NGOs attended the COP 27 to take action towards achieving the world's collective climate goals as agreed under the Paris Agreement and the Convention. Parties are expected to demonstrate at COP 27 that they are in a new era of implementation by turning their commitments under the Paris Agreement into action.
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