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      33rd Meeting of the Energy Charter Conference
      On 22 November 2022, The 33rd Meeting of the Energy Charter Conference was held virtually in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia). ECO Secretariat as an observer was invited to attend in Ministerial and High-Level session.

      The ECO Secretary General His Excellency Ambassador Khusrav Noziri delivered a statement on prospects of regional cooperation in transition to sustainable energy sources. Secretary General noted that regional cooperation to mobilize capacities, knowledge, technology and investment, as well as to establish regional markets is an essential part of the sustainable energy transition for the ECO region. He particularly highlighted co-operative interaction with Energy Charter on exploring possibilities of conducting project to establish of electricity market for ECO region.

      In conclusion, Mr.Noziri underscored that Economic Cooperation Organization can play bridging role in meeting the aspirations of its Member States to develop their own energy transition pathways and assured Secretariat’s strong commitment in taking all necessary measures to keep boosting international partnership to draw synergies in shared interests and common goals of region for the sustainable energy growth in future.

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