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      Pakistan Dispatches Relief Goods to Türkiye
      An assistance package dispatched by Pakistan in 21 containers for the quake-affected regions of Türkiye was transported through ECO ITI Corridor under TIR system on February 24, 2023, passing through the territories of Iran.

      The 6-day tax-exempted transportation of relief goods to Türkiye was facilitated by the Road Maintenance Organization as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran in close coordination and assistance of the ECO Secretariat. The Iranian authorities also extended gratis visa to the truck drivers, carrying the assistance package to Türkiye.

      Acknowledging the generous and harmonious approach of the Member States, the ECO Director for Transport and Communication (TC) Mr. Akbar Khodaei offered Secretariat’s continued support to the Member States in their humanitarian efforts.

      The ECO ITI Road Corridor became operational in October 2021 under TIR System having been regularized after transit of several trucks.
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