• Deputies Secretary General
      There are four ​Deputies Secretary General in the ECO Secretariat staffed by professionals working in the areas of relevance to regional economic cooperation.
    • DSG (Admin, EME, HRSD)
      Administration, Energy, Minerals and Environment, Information Technology; and International Relations

      Ambassador Hüseyin Avni Bıçaklı (Turkish national) is ECO Deputy Secretary General (since November 2018) in charge of Energy, Minerals and Environment (EME) Directorate; Administration and Management Section; IT Section and International Relations Section.

    • DSG (TI, AIT, IR)
      DSG (T&C and HRSD)

      Dr. Sayed Yahya Akhlaqi (Afghan national) is ECO Deputy Secretary General (since 2016) in charge of Transport and Communications (T&C) Directorate; Human Resources and Sustainable Development (HRSD) Directorate and Coordination and Follow-up Section.

    • DSG (TC, PERS, CFU)
      DSG (T&I and A&I)

      ECO Deputy Secretary General (Vacant) in charge of Trade and Investment (T&I) Directorate and Agriculture and Industry Directorate.

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