Economic Cooperation Organization

On October 23, 2023, delegations from Iran Meteorological Organization (IRIMO) and ECO Regional Center for Risk Management of Natural Disasters (ECO-RCRM) visited the ECO Human Resource and Sustainable Development Directorate to explore cooperation on Disaster Risk Reduction.

General Director of IRIMO, Mr. Hasan Poor highlighted the partnership between ECO and IRIMO and expressed their desire for collaboration with ECO regarding Disaster Risk Reduction.

Mr. Samadi, Director of RCRM, presented their activities and added values, highlighting the conceptual perspectives on economic losses due to disasters. The measurement of disaster-related statistics as well as specific cases on the measurement of economic losses from disasters were also discussed.

Welcoming the visitors, HRSD Director, Dr. Husnu Tekin invited the two organizations to the 4th ECO Experts Group Meeting on Disaster Risk Reduction to be hosted by the Geological Survey of Iran on 26-29 November, 2023. He also informed that the meeting discuss the implementation status of the ECO Regional Plan of Action and Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction as well as latest developments in the ECO region.