Economic Cooperation Organization

ECO Secretariat has widely established cooperative relations with the regional and international organizations within and outside the Region. Numerous Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and cooperative arrangements are in place giving effects to the working relations between ECO and its external partners.

The ECO grants observer or dialogue partnership status to other regional or international organizations, states and institutions. Read more

The ECO has concluded Memoranda of Understanding with numerous UN agencies and other partners. These documents have specified arrangements for bilateral cooperation for the interests of the Member States covering areas such as technical and financial assistance, capacity building and implementation of programmes and projects. Read more

In fulfilling its mandate and maximizing benefits to its Member States, ECO has been engaged in joint designing and implementation of certain projects and programmes in different sectors and areas of regional importance. The incentive to enter in such joint arrangements comes either from the ECO-s interest or the partner-s own programmes for the countries of the ECO Region. Read more

The ECO Secretariat is increasingly utilizing opportunities for organizing its meetings on the sidelines of the global meetings/events. These ECO meetings provide Member States with timely opportunity to make necessary coordination for possible regional approach in the global meeting in question. This also uplifts ECO visibility at the global level. Equally, ECO gives special attention to the benefits accrued from organizing joint meetings with partners on the topics of mutual interest. Read more