Economic Cooperation Organization

On December 7, by the invitation of UNESCAP, on behalf of ECO Secretariat, Mr.Rovshan Mirzayev, director for energy, minerals and environment delivered presentation on ECO Regional Electricity Market Project at the Tenth Meeting of the Expert Working Group on Energy Connectivity in UNESCAP.

On December 7, 2023, the Director for Energy, Mineral & Environment (EME) Mr. Rovshan Mirzayev represented the ECO Secretariat during the UNESCAP’s Tenth Expert Working Group Meeting on Energy Connectivity.

The Meeting discussed scope of energy connectivity and cooperation as well as relevant activities as regards implementation of the Regional Roadmap on Power System Connectivity: Promoting Cross-border Electricity Connectivity for Sustainable Development (“Regional Road Map”), taking into account the feedbacks provided by the participating experts on the ESCAP’s work program to support and ensure the coherence and application of the document.

Briefing on the power trade in the region, Mr. Rovshan Mirzayev updated the meeting about some important ECO initiatives on expanded energy cooperation. He highlighted the importance of the Organization’s flagship project which is aimed at establishing a full-fledged regional electricity market. He called for enhanced cooperation among the international partners, looking forward to more synergic actions by all stakeholders to facilitate common energy access and determine wider energy security and affordability for sustainable socioeconomic development and environmental protection.

Underscoring the finalization of “Green Power Corridor Framework”, the event explored ways and means for strengthening cooperation among the partners, their interactive approaches and future engagements on multilateral power trade and mobilizing finance for power system connectivity.