Economic Cooperation Organization

An ECO delegation, headed by Secretary General Ambassador Khusrav Noziri, participated in the International Conference on “Main Directions and Opportunities of Tourism in Turkmenistan”. This gathering brought together key stakeholders including tourism authorities, representatives from ECO Member States, international organizations and tour companies to explore avenues for advancing tourism in Turkmenistan and the wider ECO region.

The conference commenced with the reading of a congratulatory letter from the President of Turkmenistan, highlighting the event’s significance in fostering international cooperation within the tourism sector. Ambassador Noziri underscored the pivotal role of tourism in regional economic development, applauding Turkmenistan’s contributions to ECO’s initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable tourism.

Throughout the conference, participants delved into strategies for enhancing tourism in Turkmenistan and neighboring regions. The ECO delegation actively engaged in discussions, exchanging valuable insights with stakeholders to foster collaboration and sustainable growth in the tourism industry.