Economic Cooperation Organization

The Expert Group Meeting on Transport Connectivity and Logistics themed as “Emerging opportunities and challenges for enhancing rail connectivity along the Trans-Asian Railway network” was held on 29-30 April, 2024 at UNESCAP (Bangkok). The meeting comprised three sessions of discussion about rail cybersecurity, connectivity between Southeast Asia and North and Central Asia, and pressing/emerging issues on strengthening rail connectivity in Asia and the Pacific. 

Mr. Akbar Khodaei, Director of Transport and Communications of ECO, in his inaugural statement, underlined the need to take a holistic approach in moving towards digitalization and to recommend the framework of solutions that address the concerns of all the stake-holders in a sustainable manner, while taking into account all challenges. He also noted that the “Strategy 2030 on Accelerating Rail Digital Pacific Region” provides a comprehensive overview of challenges, priority areas, enablers as well as implementation and progress measurement. 

Also delivering a presentation on the priority areas of ECO, including major transport and digitalization projects in the region, he reiterated ECO’s role in promotion of rail digitalization and comprehensive development of rail transport for achieving the SDGs.