Economic Cooperation Organization

The ECO Workshop on Industrial Property Rights was held on 21-22 February 2017 in Tehran, hosted by the Center for Intellectual Property Rights of Iran. The Workshop was attended by participants from Iran, Kyrgyz Republic, Pakistan and Tajikistan.

The Workshop was inaugurated with the statement of Dr. Mohammad Hasan Kiani, President of the Center for Intellectual Property Rights of Iran where he emphasized on the role of industrial property rights in development of societies.
Mr. Memduh Unal, Director of Agriculture, Industry and Tourism of ECO Secretariat also briefed the participants on activities of ECO Secretariat on IPR, including organization of three Coordination Committee Meetings and concluding a Memorandum of Understanding between ECO and WIPO. He also made a comparative analysis of the share of patents and trademarks of ECO Region in which the Islamic Republic of Iran possessed 60 percent of patent registration and Turkey hold 70 percent of trademark registration.
The participants from Kyrgyz Republic, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Republic of Tajikistan also delivered their country reports on industrial property rights and briefed the session on the latest developments in their respective organizations.
The Workshop continued its work after the opening statements and instructors and university professors delivered lectures and presentations on various subjects of IPR.
The participants also participated in a study visit to Iran Nanotechnology Exhibition to further get familiarization with the patent registration system in Iran.