Economic Cooperation Organization


Republic of Türkiye

GDP: Gross domestic product (million current US$) 771 355d
GDP growth rate (annual %, const. 2015 prices) 2.8d
GDP per capita (current US$) 9 367.9d
Economy: Agriculturee (% of Gross Value Added) 6.5d
Economy: Industrye,f (% of Gross Value Added) 32.9d
Economy: Services and other activitye,g,h (% of GVA) 41d
Employment in agriculture (% of employed) 18i
Employment in industry (% of employed) 26.1i
Employment in services (% employed) 55.9i
Unemploymenti (% of labour force) 12.9
Labour force participation ratei (female/male pop. %) 33.9 / 72.4
CPI: Consumer Price Index (2010=100) 233c
Agricultural production index (2004-2006=100) 129j
International trade: exports (million current US$) 180 839c
International trade: imports (million current US$) 210 343c
International trade: balance (million current US$) – 29 505c
Balance of payments, current account (million US$) 8 691c