Economic Cooperation Organization

Directorate for Human Resources and Sustainable Development (HRSD) deals with the matters relating to human resource development, social development, health, disaster risk reduction, and civil registration. The Directorate is also mandated by the ECO Vision 2025 to help realize the relevant objectives, including those identified under priority area 6 (Social Welfare).

The HRSD Directorate was responsible sector in the Secretariat in pushing for realization of the ECO-supported Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), particularly the health-related goals. The Directorate is now engaged in the Organization’s programmes as relate to the relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including the health and disaster-related goals.

The Directorate has been engaged in partnerships with national, regional and international partners in capacity building and training activities in health and disaster related areas with a view to responding to the needs of the relevant sectors and authorities of the Member States. It also supported regional networking among relevant national authorities in pharmaceutical, blood transfusion and safety, disaster risk reduction, etc. the HRSD Directorate also coordinates scholarship exchanges and study tours among the universities/authorities of Member States in public health and other relevant areas.

The two main ongoing work in the directorate are the finalization of the i) ECO Plan of Action on Health Cooperation and ii) Regional Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction for ECO Region.

Director and Staff
Mr. Husnu TEKIN, PhD (Turkish national)
Director for Human Resources and Sustainable Development
Tel: + 98 (21)2283 1733-34 ext.: 213

Ms. Neda Moshref Javadi (Iranian national)
Programme Officer
Tel: + 98 (21)2283 1733-34 ext.: 215

Mr. Farman Ali​ (Pakistani national)
Tel: + 98 (21)2283 1733-34 ext.: 231