Economic Cooperation Organization

The Administration Section of the is responsible for human resource management of, logistical supporting services to the activities of the Organization as well as the maintenance of the premises and properties of the ECO Secretariat.

Mr. Mojtaba Ramezani(Iranian national)
Head of Section for Administration
Tel: (+9821)22831733-34

Mr. Muhammad Irfan (Pakistani national)
Desk Officer
Tel: (+9821)22831733-34

Supporting services

Interpretation/translation services
English is the official language in the ECO. However, there is a group of professional interpreters/translators in the ECO Secretariat who supports ECO meetings with Russian-English-Persian simultaneous interpretation. The official documents of the Organization are also translated into Russian.

IT Section

The IT section consists of specialists in database management and network administration committed to service delivery and support of Secretariat’s daily work through optimal uses of the information technology. The website of the ECO is also run and administered by the IT section.

Documentation Centre

The Documentation Center is the origin and destination of the official correspondences transmitted from/to the Secretariat. The Center is also responsible for collecting the documents from the relevant directorates/units and dispatching them (electronically and physically) to the Member States.