Economic Cooperation Organization

ECO Secretariat occasionally offers short-term internship opportunities to the graduate and post-graduate students. These are normally non-paid internships to help students became familiar with the ECO as well as to work on their own ECO-related work.

ECO Internship Programme
Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) provides internship opportunities for students who have specialized in fields related to the works of the Organization. The purpose of the programme is to promote among the participants a better understanding of major problems confronting the ECO region and to give them an insight into how the ECO attempts to find solutions to these problems. The programme aims at providing the eligible/qualified students with the opportunity to acquire practical work experience in a multinational environment at the headquarters of ECO in Tehran as well as providing the ECO with the assistance of qualified students specialized in various professional fields.
The intern would be required to support information gathering, prepare briefing notes as well as other administrative and technical tasks under the overall supervision and guidance of the bureaucratic working units of the ECO Secretariat. It allows the interns to apply their academic knowledge in real work settings in different fields of activity of ECO.

Participants in the programme will be expected to be able to contribute to the work of the ECO in the fields of, inter alia, the energy and environment; regional trade and investment; connectivity and regional transit and transport; tourism, people to people relations and regional heritage; economic growth and financial system of ECO region; and market and private sector in the region.

To qualify for an internship, applicants must:
1. Be a holder of valid passports of any ECO Member States;
2. Be computer literate in standard software applications;
3. Have an excellent oral and written communication skills in English language;
4. Have an ability to work and adjust in a multi-cultural environment;
5. Be currently enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate degree/program in international relations, social sciences, development studies, management studies, public administration or a related field;

The duration of an ECO internship is normally three weeks to two months on a full-time basis. In exceptional circumstances, this may be extended for a maximum of one month.
Upon being awarded an internship, candidates are required to sign a statement confirming their understanding and acceptance of the conditions of service.
The internship does not create any employment relationship between interns and ECO, and interns do not represent ECO in any official capacity.
The ECO Internship program is operated on a completely non-remunerative basis. Costs and arrangements for travel, visa, accommodation and living expenses will be the responsibility of the intern.
ECO accepts no responsibility for costs arising from accidents and/or illness incurred during an internship. Applicants must provide the ECO Secretariat with proof of valid medical insurance coverage to cover the full period of the internship period.
Interns work five days per week (40 hours) under the supervision of a staff member in the Directorates, Units or Sections to which they are assigned.
Interns under the direct supervision of the supervisor(s) may have access to archive and documentation center.
Intern is the sole responsible against the third-party’s claims whatever its nature that may be raised as a result of action or omission of the interns.
Interns shall respect the laws and regulations of the host country of ECO.
Upon satisfactory completion of the internship programme, the intern will be provided with a certification.

Anyone interested in pursuing an internship at ECO should fill up the form in the link below and mail it to the

[*] Applicants endorsed by the official authorities of the respective ECO member states will have the priority consideration over other candidates for internship.