Economic Cooperation Organization

The coordination meeting of the Ad hoc Committee on establishment of the ECO Clean Energy Centre (CECECO) was held on 17 January 2024 virtually. The Meeting was attended by the representatives of the ECO Secretariat, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Interim Director of CECECO.

The representatives of UNIDO, which is ECO’s key international partner in the joint project on establishment of CECECO, reiterated UNIDO’s readiness to provide technical and financial support for operationalization of the Centre. ECO Secretariat briefed on the recent status of this joint project and its engagements for successful completion of the preparatory phase and proceeding to the operational phase. The delegates from the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Interim Director apprised of the overall government commitment and vision on ways of speeding up the process of implementation. The meeting further discussed the possibilities for uptake of five project proposals, presented by UNIDO for potential replication in ECO Region and implementation by the Centre in future. 

Having reviewed further steps for operationalization of the CECECO, the meeting decided to continue with such coordination meetings on a monthly basis in order to monitor the progress of the project.