Economic Cooperation Organization

Republic of Uzbekistan

Population growth ratem (average annual %)1.6
Urban population (% of total population)50.4b
Urban population growth ratem (average annual %)
Fertility rate, totalm (live births per woman)2.4
Life expectancy at birthm (females/males, years)73.6 / 69.4
Population age distribution (0-14/60+ years old, %)28.8 / 8.3
International migrant stock (000/% of total pop.)1 168.4 / 3.5b
Refugees and others of concern to UNHCR (000)95.9b
Infant mortality ratem (per 1 000 live births)20.8
Health: Current expenditureo (% of GDP)6.4a
Health: Physicians (per 1 000 pop.)
Education: Government expenditureh (% of GDP)6.3a
Education: Primary gross enrol. ratio (f/m per 100 pop.)103.4 / 105.0d
Education: Secondary gross enrol. ratio (f/m per 100 pop.)92.7 / 93.9a
Education: Tertiary gross enrol. ratio (f/m per 100 pop.)8.2 / 11.8d
Intentional homicide rate (per 100 000 pop.)1.1a
Seats held by women in national parliaments (%)32r