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Republic of Uzbekistan

Republic of Uzbekistan is situated in the central and north‑western part of Central Asia in the inter-stream area of Amudarya and Syrdarya. In the north and north/west, Uzbekistan borders with Kazakhstan, in the east and south/east with Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, in the south with Afghanistan and in the south west with Turkmenistan. By its total area 448,900 square km, Uzbekistan surpasses such European States as Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria taken together.
In the Country there are the representatives of 130 nationalities, out of which the most numerous are Uzbeks (80 %), followed by Russians (5.5 %), Tajiks (5 %), Kazakhs (3.0 %), Karakalpaks (2.5 %), Tatars (1.5 %) and the others (2.5%). The official language is Uzbek. The Uzbeks speak the language, which belongs to the south‑east or Chagatai (Turkic) subgroup of the Turkic language family. The majority of population, especially urban people, has a command of the Russian language.

The most of the believers confess Islam (88 %). The Uzbeks are Muslims (Sunni).

According to the Constitution adopted in 1992, the Head of the State is the President elected on the basis of the universal and direct secret suffrage for the 5‑year period with the right of being reelected. The President is at the same time is Head of the high powered executive body – the Cabinet of Ministers. H.E. Shavkat Mirziyoyev is the current President of Republic of Uzbekistan.

The high legislative body of the country is the one- chamber Oliy Majlis (Parliament). The court system consists of the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court and Higher Economic Court of Uzbekistan. The Supreme Court and High Economic Court of Uzbekistan are elected for 5 years. The regional, municipal and district courts are also elected for the same period.

Uzbekistan is one of the leading world producers of cotton. The Country occupies the 4th place in the world by producing cotton fiber and the 2nd place by its export. Also, the Country produces and exports a large volume of natural gas not only to the Central Asian and CIS countries but to Europe as well. The Republic manufactures machinery and equipment and has the powerful energetic system.

The transport system of the Country practically meets the domestic demands for transportation. In the Republic, there is the highest density in Central Asia of railways and motor-ways. Located in between Europe and Asia, the Republic serves as an international transport junction to provide for the passenger, cargo and transit air transportation.

Uzbekistan is an important region dealing with growing of astrakhan and silkworm. The Republic takes a leading place among the regional countries in the output of fruits, vegetables and grapes.

The Republic has big reserves of minerals. By copper reserves the Republic is in the 10‑11 place in the world, by reserves of uranium ‑ in the 7‑8 place. In the Country’s subsoils there are huge reserves of oil and gas. About 60 % of the Country’s territory are prospective for their recovery. Uzbekistan possesses large reserves of coal as well.

The Republic is amongst the countries which possess the biggest resources of gold, silver and other precious and rare‑earth metals. It has its own silver deposits. Uzbekistan is rich in the reserves of non‑ferrous metals, copper, lead, zinc, tungsten, rhenium and others. In the Country there are disposed deposits of marble, granite and gabbro. The Republic is rich in phosphorites and has the largest deposits of potash and rock salt.


Region Central Asia
Population (000, 2020) 33 469
Pop. density (per km2, 2020) 78.7
Capital city Tashkent
Capital city pop. (000, 2020) 2 490.3b
UN membership date 02-Mar-92
Surface area (km2) 448 969a
Sex ratio (m per 100 f) 99.6
National currency Uzbekistan Sum (UZS)
Exchange rate (per US$) 9 502.0c,b


Uzbekistan’s experience in the global fight against poverty was discussed at the International Forum in Tashkent

2nd International Forum on Poverty Reduction to be held in Tashkent

Uzbekistan to host Annual Meeting European Bank for Reconstruction and Development