Economic Cooperation Organization

At the 1st ECO Tour Operators Forum, experts emphasized the significance of collaboration in crafting joint ECO tour packages, including ECO Duo, ECO Multi, ECO Nature and ECO Tourism Capitals. Panel discussions focused on strategies for creating, implementing and marketing these itineraries, highlighting the importance of local and youth involvement, customer satisfaction, demand generation, appropriate contracting and trial runs.

The second panel session focused on familiarization tours within ECO Member States, particularly highlighting tours to Azerbaijan from other member countries. Key discussion points included the importance of these tours in promoting tourism development. Additionally, the panel discussed the integration of digital media marketing into familiarization trips.

During the third panel session, experts explored strategies for revitalizing tourism destinations along the historic Silk Road in the ECO region. They discussed leveraging the historical and natural richness of these locations to attract visitors and promote sustainable tourism growth, emphasizing the need for easier travel among ECO Member States. Audience questions were actively addressed, fostering interactive exchanges of ideas and expertise throughout each session.