Economic Cooperation Organization

A UNDRR (United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction) delegation led by Mr. Toscano-Rivalta, Chief of UNDRR Regional for Asia and Pacific, visited ECO Secretary General Ambassador Khusrav NOZIRI, on May 31, 2023.

While briefing the visiting delegation about ECO and its regional priorities including disaster risk reduction, the Secretary General also underscored the significance of ECO’s observership in UN and expressed ECO’s desire to further enhance collaboration and coordination in order to achieve mutual goals. 

Mr. Toscano-Rivalta, with reference to the UN General Assembly’s recent political declaration reaffirming commitment to reduce disaster risk and build resilience with renewed sense of urgency, voiced their readiness for developing joint programs with ECO to reach the SDGs. He also expressed their support to ECO’s regional and international cooperation agenda.

Ambassador Noziri, while highlighting disaster risk management as one of the priority areas of ECO, welcomed the proposal for joint programs, and noted that as a project-oriented organization, ECO is composed to work together with international partners with a view to exploring all opportunities for augmenting collective action.