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Republic of Türkiye




The Grand National Assembly of Turkey:

Office of The President:

Prime Ministry:

Ministry of Justice:

Ministry of National Defense:

Ministry of Interior:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Ministry of Finance:

Ministry of National Education:

Ministry of Public Works and Housing:

Ministry of Health:

Ministry of Transportation:

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs:

Ministry of Labor and Social Security:

Ministry of Industry and Trade:

Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources:

Ministry of Culture and Tourism:

Ministry of Environment and Forestry:

Central Bank:

State Planning Organization:


Foreign Trade:


State Institute of Statistics:

Turkish Standards Institute:

Patent Institute:

Capital Market Board:

Istanbul Stock Exchange:

Competition Authority:

Privatization Administration:

Small & Medium Industries Development Organization:

General Directorate of Press and Information:

Turkish Armed Forces:

Secretariat of Defense Industries:

General Directorate of Security:

Department of Religious Affair:

Turkish Counsel of Higher Education:

The Scientific and Technical Research Council:

Turkish Academy of Science:


Ministry of National Education:

Turkish Atomic Energy Authority:

Marmara Research Center:

Technology Follow-up & Evaluation Department (Tؤ°DEB) of

Scientific & Technical Research Council (TÜBؤ°TAK)

Road Traffic Industry:

Automotive Industry:

Food Processing Industry:

Hydrocarbon Industry:

Mining Industry:

Offshore Oil & Gas Industry:

Power Technology:

Water Industry:

Ministry of Economy (Trade):

Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT):

Customs Department:

Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey:

Ministry of Treasury and Finance: