Economic Cooperation Organization

The Secretariat of the Economic Cooperation Organization presents its compliments to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Embassies of the Member States in Tehran and has the honour to enclose the Report of the 19th Meeting of the Council of Ministers (COM) held on 22 December, 2010 in Istanbul Turkey.

Relevant Documents
Report of the 19 COM.pdf
Annex-I List of Participants
Annex II Statement by H.E. Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Turkey.pdf
Annex III Statement by H. E. Mr. Yahya M. Maroofi, ECO Secretary General.pdf
Annex IV Statements by the Foreign Ministers/Heads of Delegation.pdf
Annex-V Statements by the Heads of Delegation of International Organizations.pdf
Annex-VI Statements by the Heads of ECO Specialized Agencies/Regional Institutions.pdf
Annex VII Revised Salary Scale for various Grades as per the table given below.pdf
Annex VIII Revised Staff Strength of the ECO Secretariat.pdf