Economic Cooperation Organization

The Roundtable Meeting at the 1st ECO Tour Operators Forum held with the participation of the ECO Deputy Secretary General Ambassador Jandos Asanov and Deputy Chief of Staff and Head of International Relations Department of State Tourism Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Jalil Malikov, brought together representatives from the ECO Member States to finalize the discussions on partnerships and collaborations among tour operators.

Participants at the Roundtable Meeting shared outcomes from earlier B2B meetings, panel discussions focusing on joint ECO tour package planning and implementation. Discussions emphasized the necessity for collaboration and coordination among tour operators to enhance the tourism value chain in the ECO region.
In his remarks, Ambassador Asanov expressed his gratitude to Azerbaijan side for their hospitality and support in organizing the event, highlighting the pivotal role of tour operators in stimulating tourism growth in the region. He underscored the importance of developing joint tour packages to facilitate seamless exploration of multiple ECO member states by tourists, thereby boosting regional revenue. Furthermore, he added that maintaining ongoing dialogue within the ECO Tour Operators Network to foster information exchange and collaboration is necessary.

The participants adopted statement as an outcome of the 1st ECO Tour Operators Forum.