Economic Cooperation Organization

ECO Secretary General Ambassador Khusrav Noziri, visiting Uzbekistan on the occasion of the 12th Session of Islamic Conference of Tourism Ministers, attended the closing ceremony of the “Pahlavon Mahmud Strongmen Games OIC Open”, a unique international tournament held in Khiva.
The tournament, which took place on 1-2 June 2024, featured a diverse range of participant athletes from 17 countries, including ECO Member States – Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Türkiye and Uzbekistan. The event was organized in cooperation with the Tourism Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the World Strongmen Federation (WSF), and the administration of the Khorezm region.
The tournament’s program included various weightlifting competitions as well as challenging sections such as “Aqtash Kharsangi”, “Obkach”, “Towing the Amudarya boat”, “Fireball throwing”, “Towing the Moinoq anchor”, and “Jalaliddin Manguberdi and Amir Temur sword fights”. This event showcased Uzbekistan’s tourism potential and opportunities on a global scale, highlighting the growing popularity of niche sports tourism.
The ECO has committed to promote those types of activities, which not only showcase the strength and skills of athletes but also promote regional and international cooperation in the development of sports tourism.