Economic Cooperation Organization

The 2nd Asia-Pacific Regulatory Forum on Power System Connectivity was hosted by UNESCAP in virtual format on June 6, 2023. Experts in the field of renewable energy from various countries as well as international institutions participated in the session. The ECO Secretariat was represented by Dr. Husnu Tekin, Director for Human Resource & Sustainable Development (HRSD)/Energy Minerals and Environment (EME) and Mr. Ukubaev Mamatmusa Mamatazizovich, Program Officer for Energy.

While discussing in detail renewable energy integration, insightful presentations were made by the experts about the importance of regulatory collaboration to increase renewable integration. They also briefly discussed the challenges countries face and their possible solutions.

Giving brief background information about ECO, Director Husnu Tekin highlighted that ECO strives for building up a diverse and resilient energy architecture in the region via mainstreaming sustainable energy transition and transformation to clean energy sources. He also informed the Forum about ECO’s flagship project on establishment of ECO Regional Electricity Market and clarified that role of international partners is instrumental in attracting financial and technical support to the project. 

Further information on the event can be obtained from the site of the UNESCAP at