Economic Cooperation Organization

The ECO Human Resource and Sustainable Development Director, Dr. Husnu Tekin participated in the ASEAN Interregional Dialogue on Disaster Resilience (AIDDR) Regional Perspectives on Building Resilience from Transboundary Risks, and ASEAN Disaster Management Week, co-organized by ASEAN Secretariat, Asian Development Bank and European Union on August 21-24, 2023, in Singapore.

Informing the meeting about ECO’s initiatives under the ECO Regional Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction and its implementation roadmap to cope with the disaster related issues in the region, Mr. Tekin underscored the need for improved coordination and collaboration among governments, as well as the importance of the role of intergovernmental organizations in generating public awareness.

More than 250 delegates from ASEAN affiliated bodies, regional organizations, UN agencies, multilateral financial institutions, international NGOs, academia, philanthropic organizations and the business sector participated in the event.