Economic Cooperation Organization

ECO Secretary General, Ambassador Khusrav Noziri held a bilateral meeting with the Undersecretary General of the UN Economic and Social Affairs, Mr. Li Junhau, on the sidelines of the 3rd International High Level Conference on the International Decade for Action “Water for Sustainable Development” 2018-2028, held in Dushanbe.

Ambassador Noziri briefed the UN dignitary on ECO’s activities, particularly in the areas of energy, agriculture and sustainable development. Looking forward to receiving UN’s continued support to ECO’s regional initiatives and projects, he emphasized the importance of strengthening cooperation between the two institutions.

Mr. Li highlighted the UN’s commitment to the global water agenda, including SDG 6, emphasizing its role as a cross-cutting issue critical for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He expressed openness to increased collaboration and engagement with regional organizations, including the ECO. He outlined the UN’s offerings, which include analytical and capacity building products, and underscored their readiness to support capacity building initiatives, particularly related to SDG 6.

This meeting underscored the shared commitment of ECO and the UN to advancing sustainable development goals through collaborative efforts in the region.