Economic Cooperation Organization

Shahrisabz city of Uzbekistan has been bestowed with the prestigious title of the Economic Cooperation Organization Tourism Capital for 2024, marking a significant moment in its history. The city hosted to a grand international event “Shahrisabz, Economic Cooperation Organization Tourism Capital for 2024” from April 25th to 27th, welcoming delegates from across the ECO member states to celebrate its rich cultural heritage and burgeoning tourism industry.

The official opening ceremony of the program showcased Uzbekistan’s cultural diversity and hospitality, on April 26. Welcoming the guests, H.E. Mr. Muradjon Azmov, the Governor of Kashkadaria region, expressed his gratefulness to the ECO Member countries for supporting the nomination of Shahrisabz city as the ECO Tourism Capital for 2024.

H.E. Mr. Umid Shadiev, Chairman of the Tourism Committee of Uzbekistan, stated that recognition of Shahrisabz city as the Tourism Capital of the ECO region is a great honour and pride for Uzbekistan. Historically, Shahrisabz was one of the main centers of the Great Silk Road, serving as a crossroads of trade relations, cultures, beliefs and ideas, he added.

ECO Secretary General Ambassador Khusrav Noziri highlighted Shahrisabz’s tourism potential, while also underlining the rich history, cultural heritage, natural beauty and captivating allure of Uzbekistan. “The city shines as a beacon of excellence in our organization’s tourism landscape. From its legendary past to its stunning landscapes, Shahrisabz exemplifies the charm of Uzbekistan’s tourism,” he added. Ambassador Khusrav Noziri also presented a certificate to the Mayor of Shahrisabz Mr. Sherzod Boriyev officially declaring Shahrisabz City as the ECO Tourism Capital for 2024.