Economic Cooperation Organization

Tehran – June 24, 2024

ECO Secretary General Ambassador Khusrav Noziri addressed the 19th Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) in Tehran, Iran.

At the outset, the Secretary General praised the Islamic Republic of Iran’s leadership as the current chair of ACD and ECO, and highlighted the organization’s achievements in regional development and prosperity. The Secretary General emphasized the importance of inter-organizational cooperation and proposed the institutionalization of ties between ECO and ACD through a Memorandum of Understanding, with the aim to enhance collective efforts in achieving shared objectives and unlock new vistas of cooperation for member states.

The meeting saw participation from high-level dignitaries from ACD Member States and heads and representatives of regional and international organizations. The Secretary General’s proposal was well-received, and the meeting concluded with a commitment to strengthen cooperation between ECO and ACD.