Economic Cooperation Organization

The 5th Meeting of ECO Tour Operators’ Network was held virtually on August 15, 2023 with the participation of representatives of several tour operators from ECO Member States.

Inaugurating the meeting, Mr. Hasan Tufan, Program Officer in the Directorate of Tourism at the ECO Secretariat, expressed condolences to Pakistan for the recent loss of a mountain tourism worker. Underscoring ECO’s commitment to sustainable tourism practices that prioritize human safety, he reiterated the network’s overarching objective, which is to foster interaction among regional tour operators and create joint tour packages connecting diverse destinations within ECO Member States.

During the meeting, Iran Markaz Company delivered a presentation, introducing their tourism offerings in various Iranian destinations and showcasing travel packages spanning different cities. They also extended an invitation to tour operators from ECO Member States for a seminar comprising a familiarization tour and B2B meetings.

The meeting further discussed perspectives and insights on development of regional tourism. Suggestions included a unified visa policy, joint marketing studies, enhanced transport infrastructure, expanded digital tourism platforms, and language support on which ECO is currently conducting works.