Economic Cooperation Organization

Tehran – July 2, 2024

The Webinar on Artificial Intelligence, organized by the ECO with the aim of increasing knowledge transfer and capacity building in AI regulation, highlighted the role of artificial intelligence in driving sustainable development and enhancing public services. The event brought together a diverse group of participants from the ECO Member States to delve into the transformative potential of AI technologies in various sectors.

            Opening the Webinar, Mr. Akbar Khodaei, Director of Transport and Communications of the ECO Secretariat emphasized the immense potential AI holds to revolutionize human endeavors and drive positive social, economic, and environmental outcomes. He stressed that, by harnessing the power of AI, new possibilities in healthcare, agriculture, education, transportation, and public administration can be unlocked.

Throughout the event, speakers also emphasized the importance of ethical and regulatory frameworks in AI deployment, the role of AI in promoting sustainable development goals, and implementation of AI-based software in the public sector to enhance operational efficiency, citizen engagement, and decision-making processes.

 The webinar featured insightful presentations and discussions on global trends in AI technology, recent developments in AI regulation, and AI-driven economies of the future. Participants also had the opportunity to engage with the ITU experts.