Economic Cooperation Organization

ECO has gained recognition by the international community as an important regional grouping in this part of the world. This has been personified in numerous cooperative arrangements between ECO and UN agencies, funds and programmes, as well as with non-UN regional and international organizations and institutions. These include, among others, UNDP, UNODC, UNESCAP, UNIDO, UNFPA, FAO, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNECE, UNCTAD, UNEP, UNISDR, UNOSS, UIC, ITC, OIC, IDB, OSJD, ICARDA, WCO, WMO, UPU, IOM, Colombo Plan, ASEAN, SCO, IRU, CICA, EC, TIKA, etc..

Since ECO acquired observer status with the UN in 1993 (GA resolution 48/2 of 13 October 1993), it regularly participates in the annual sessions of General Assembly where every two years a resolution on ECO & UN cooperation is adopted by the General Assembly. These biannual (resolutions have important bearing on ECO’s relations with all UN funds, programmes and agencies.

The International Relations Unit (IR) of the ECO Secretariat is responsible for in-house coordination in above areas. It also facilitates contacts between the relevant directorates/units of the Secretariat with the international partners. The IR Unit is (this may be rectified as deemed appropriate)also coordinates affairs of the Secretariat with the ECO subsidiary and affiliated bodies (regional institutions, specialized agencies and affiliated bodies).

As external relations of the ECO also include granting observer status/dialogue partnership to other regional and international organizations and states, IR Unit is also responsible for these issues in coordination with the relevant sectoral directorates and Legal Advisor of the Secretariat.

IR Unit is also the focal point for facilitation of participation of the ECO Secretary General or his/her representatives in the international events.

Head of Section and Staff
Mr. Alim Ullah (Pakistani national)

Head of Section for International Relations
Tel: + 98 (21)-22831733-34